About the Founder

Prince Singh

Prince Singh

Founder of Viielentra

Prince Singh is the founder of Viielentra. I grew up and was raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. Went to college at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree.

Despite a strong background in mathematics and statistics, I found no purpose and fulfillment in this field of work.  I bounced around from industry to industry in the decade to follow looking for something that made sense.

Industries such as healthcare, information technology, corporate banking, testing/coding/developing, as well as the big bad streets of Wall Street. While there was no fulfillment in any of these industries the experience from the financial markets was something that I would never forget.

Imagine going down a rabbit hole of endless insanity.  A marathon of distorted realities, one concept more intense than the last.  And just when you thought you figured it all out, a new wave of distortions would appear. It was like a maze with no way out. The psychology and remolding of the mind was ruthless and necessary. Through it all my brain was absorbing information like a magnetic sponge. A relentless thirst to elevate my financial IQ had continued to grow like the appetite of a lion who hadn’t eaten for days hunting for the next prey.

At times I thought I was losing my mind.  Everything I knew prior was completely challenged, tested, redefined and remolded on a day to day basis. The days started to feel stretched, the weeks and months felt like years. There were days it felt like I could bend the concept of time just to see what was real. I was living in my own version of The Matrix.

For the first time I was seeing the world through a different set of lenses. There were so many distortions going on at the same time, why couldn’t I just walk away? Because it was too late for me, I had gotten in too deep. I had taken my RED PILL and there was no turning back from the truth. I had absorbed too much and I had seen too much. The thirst began to grow almost like an obsession to see how far this rabbit hole can go and where does it end.

After years and years of paying my dues, getting slaughtered financially and racking up debt through the futures derivative markets.  I finally got a grip on market psychology, and a firm understanding of the financial system that was never taught to me in school.  Thereafter, I had achieved a level of financial IQ that can only be learned on Wall Street.  These lessons came through pain, failure, and humility. And no one can take these L’s away from my resume.

Having no regrets, I am proud to say my current foundation has been built on the stripes and scars of my failures and experiences. Failure had become my favorite teacher. Only through repetitions of trial and error could I be where I am today.

Having gained an abundance of knowledge and wisdom from the financial markets, I couldn’t help but notice how much of the Life insurance industry was tied to Wall Street. In fact, it was the backbone to Wall Street and this was my next stop on my journey. Through my experiences I had become more in tune to the suffering around me in everyday society and had developed empathy and understanding for what everyone goes through whether small or large.

My purpose is to alleviate some of this financial stress and hardship by sharing some of the strategies I’ve learned. Through my services, I help to protect families with life insurance and provide a free college scholarship for your kids.  My goal is to help reduce the burdens of financial debt and give your family peace of mind.

Looking at the path that got me here, I can now say I’ve finally found my purpose in life which has fulfillment and meaning.

Having gone through my own turmoil of being in over $300k in debt and crawling my way out, I’m looking to help families avoid a similar fate by helping them tackle tuition debt so that no one has to go through the mental nightmare I dealt with in my darkest days.

The tuition discount scholarship can be used at over 440+ participating colleges across America.  This is a special program designed to make private higher education more affordable for families everywhere.