Free One-Year Tuition Rewards Scholarship

Tuition Rewards

Tuition rewards is a scholarship program that is helping thousands of families with tuition aid.  That is to say, it definitely beats the traditional method of obtaining a scholarship for students and families. 

The problem for students

Most students start to chase and apply for scholarship in their senior year of high school right before starting college.  Often times students will get accepted into their dream college only to realize they will not be getting any financial aid, effectively making for a bitter sweet moment. As a results the student opts to skip college all together.

This is often demoralizing as the urge to take on a heavy load of student debt may just not be worth it. Secondly, even if a student is applying to hundreds of scholarships, the chance of winning one are very slim.  In addition, students are often competing with millions of other students across the nation.  You’d have to write hundreds of essays for hundreds of scholarships in hopes of winning one.

Consequently, the result is the same.  Receiving rejection letter one after another. Which ultimately causes students to break down and give up

The solution

At Viielentra, we have a very unique scholarship where families are not rejected. In fact, they are given a guaranteed scholarship.

The Sage scholarship comes as a free gift to all families who get their life insurance needs taken care of through Viielentra’s online platform.

There are no essay’s required, and no hoops for students to jump through to receive the scholarship.  In addition, it’s a scholarship that grows in value with respect to time.

The Sage scholarship is a unique frequent flyers miles type of scholarship. Families can earn tuition reward points over time and increase the size of their scholarship.

Each point is equal to a $1 discount of college tuition. The discount can be used at over 440+ participating private colleges.

As of the writing of this blog, the scholarship has a maximum value of up to $62,720. The constraints being a maximum discount of up to one year’s worth of tuition.

Similarly, it a 25% discount for any student attending college as a full-time undergraduate student at participating private colleges.

Here’s how a family can earn Tuition reward Points through Viielentra

  1. Purchase a Life insurance policy – Receive 500 points
  2. Upon making 2nd monthly Payment – receive 4500 points
  3. Renew your policy annually – receive 2000points/year
  4. Refer someone to buy life insurance to Viielentra – receive 500 points
  5. Students can register and setup their tuition rewards account- receive 500 points
  6. Students complete a student profile – receive 4500points

Once the points accumulate- subsequently the adult can transfer the points to the student prior to the student entering their senior year in high school Aug 31st.

The student would then submit these points to the member college he/she is applying to and after that redeem the points for a tuition discount.

The purpose of the scholarship is to make the cost of private college and higher education more affordable for families and give students a more manageable way to go about tackling the cost of college tuition.

To learn more about the Sage scholarship and get an in-depth overview about how the scholarship works, check out the explainer video at www.viielentra.com