Life Insurance & College Savings

College Savings Plan

Having a college savings plan for your kids is difficult and stressful, especially if your income barely covers expenses.  But what if there was another way to get assistance for your kid’s college education? And not only would it reduce the financial burden, but also give you peace of mind. Tuition rewards sage scholarship is a powerful tool for parents everywhere.

As a working parent, your children rely on your ability to provide that source of income and you are their rock! However, with all the expenses of everyday living it may become difficult to engage in a college planning and saving strategy for your kids future.

Leaving your kids without education is one of the worst fears any parent has. What happens if you’re gone and don’t have enough money saved up for their schooling? What happens if something happens to both parents at the same time?

Luckily, there is a solution to both of these financial problems.

Viielentra’s Tuition Rewards Solution

Introducing tuition rewards sage scholarship program. A free one-year tuition discount scholarship for all families. With a low-cost life insurance policy, Viielentra can help put your mind at ease and make paying for college simple again. We help protect families so that they can live life to the fullest without worry.

Cost of college tuition is going up every year with no end in sight.  The cost of a four-year university has gone up significantly in the past few years.  And student loans are becoming a pandemic in itself.

Viielentra is a proud partner of Sage Scholars where families receive a free one-year tuition discount scholarship when purchasing a life insurance policy through their online platform. That’s a whopping 25% discount on college tuition.  The scholarship can be used at over 440+ private colleges across the country. The mission is to make private college and education more affordable than ever for all families.

Most parents ensuring their families through Viielentra have managed to tackle two problems with one solution.  In the meanwhile, saving hundreds of dollars every year with tuition rewards.  

To learn more about the free scholarship and get a free quote to protect your family with life insurance visit Viielentra.  Join the thousands of families who are helping themselves to a more logical solution for protecting their families the smart way.