SAGE Scholars | All About The Organization

Who And What Is SAGE Scholars

Sage scholars is a network of private colleges and universities across the country.  Sage scholars is the nation’s oldest and largest private college planning and funding organization. As a matter of fact, they have been established in 1995 long before the internet came to life. And their core values revolve around promoting the values and affordability of private higher education.

SAGE stands for Savings And Growth for Education.

Mission And Goals

To help families bridge the gap between the total cost of higher education and the lack of financial resources.

  • Helping families with tuition assistance
  • Bring students and college together
  • Help families secure the best possible private college education
  • Promoting the values and affordability of private higher education

The organization bring together families, colleges and benefit providers.  As a result, solutions to make the cost of private higher education can be achieved for all families.

SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Program

he Ttuition rewards program gives families a guaranteed discount on college tuition of up to 25%.  Moreover the use of tuition rewards points where each point is redeemable for a $1 discount on college tuition at member colleges.  As a result, families are able to solve one of the biggest challenges which is saving for college.  Finally, in order to redeem the tuition rewards, students must be full-time students and pursuing their first undergraduate degree.

Ready Set College

In addition, families and students can also utilize the college search and career planning tool Ready Set College. This is a unique college search tool that connects students with colleges.  In order to do this a students interest, skillsets, majors, and careers are taken into consideration.  So this is another great tool for families to plan for the future.

Fast Track Program

And finally, another feature for students to earn additional tuition reward points is by setting up a student profile account.  In like manner, this is  another way to connect students with member colleges.  As a result, families can make a more informed decision on which college is best for their child. Check out the fast track video for more information on how the fast track program works.

SAGE Scholars Leadership & Advisory Council

Below you will find the leadership and advisors who have poured into the SAGE Scholars organization.

James B. Johnston, Ed.D. – Founder & President

Michael Hall – CEO

AJ Healy – Director of Corporate Marketing

Steve Logan – Chief Technology Officer

Aimee Gonthier – Creative Director

John Varady – Senior Developer

Carli Swartz – Director of College Relations

Robert Savett – Senior Director, College Marketing

Alfredo Santana – Assistant Director of College Relations

Ian Highsmith – Front-End Web Developer / College Relations

Nathan Bird – Office Manager


Viielentra Partnership with SAGE Scholars

Families can get enrolled into the free scholarship program when purchasing a life insurance policy through Viielentra.  In light of the partnership with SAGE scholars, this has helped Viielentra so that they can provide maximum value to families everywhere.  So outside of protecting their kids with life insurance, families can now engage in a free college savings program. For this reason, it’s no surprise why thousands of families have switched their life insurance coverage to Viielentra.

Check out the training guide video for a detailed breakdown of how the tuition rewards program works with Viielentra.