Sage Scholars Tuition Rewards

Sage Scholars Tuition Rewards Overview

Viielentra is offering families who purchase life insurance a free scholarship worth up to $62,720.  The insurance company has teamed up with the Sage Scholars organization.  As a result, families can earn tuition rewards to use at participating colleges.  For this reason, cost of higher education is now more affordable.  The sage scholars tuition rewards program is now the largest college planning and savings program.  There is no cost to participate in the program and enrollment is free for families who purchase their life insurance through Viielentra.

Customers of Viielentra have the opportunity to earn tuition reward points. Which in turn can be redeemed as a discount towards college tuition at participating colleges.

Who can participate in tuition rewards program?

Anyone who purchases a life insurance policy from the Viielentra’s online platform.  As a member of tuition rewards, you can earn tuition reward points. 

How much is tuition reward points worth?

Each tuition reward point is equal to a $1 discount on college tuition.  Each point can be redeemed as a discount on college tuition.   

For example, having 20,000 points would give students a tuition discount of $20,000 at member colleges.

How do families and students accumulate points?

  1. Anyone who purchases a life insurance policy will be credited 5000 points within the first 40 days. The person who purchases a policy will be known as the sponsor.
  2. Every year that the life insurance policy is renewed or kept active will result in another 2000 points will be added into the sponsor’s rewards account.
  3. A sponsor can refer someone who is looking for life insurance to Viielentra.   Therefore, this event will trigger the sponsor earning another 500 points into the tuition rewards account.
  4. A student can receive a sign-up bonus of 500 points for signing up for a tuition rewards account. A student must be 13 years old to be eligible to setup an account.
  5. In the sophomore and junior year of high school a student can update their student profile and earn another 4500 points.

How does the student receive points from the sponsor?

A sponsor at any time can transfer the tuition reward points from their account into the student’s account. 

What are the deadlines to look out for?

  • The sponsor must transfer the reward points into the students account prior to Aug 31st.  This date is prior to the start of the student’s senior year of high school.
  • The student must redeem and submit the points to member colleges within 10 days of applying to that college. Hence, the points are redeemed during the senior year of high school for students.
  • Student cannot receive tuition rewards points after the date of Aug 31st after the start of their senior year.

Why do colleges participate to offer a tuition discount to students?

Colleges who participate primarily are looking to recruit students into their academic programs and universities. Notably, the upside for students is they will be able to receive a discount on tuition.   The maximum discount will be equal to that of one year’s worth of college tuition.  This in turn makes the cost of higher education much more affordable. As a result, everybody wins!

As a sponsor, who can you transfer the rewards points to?

Sponsors are able to transfer the points to any family member related child.  Family members include sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, step-children, god-children, brother, sister, and cousins.

In Summary

Tuition rewards points are accumulated in the sponsors account initially.  The points must then be transferred to the student prior to Aug 31st– the date before a student’s senior year of high school.  Students will then be able to redeem these points from their account when applying to member colleges.  As a result, students receive a tuition discount of the cost of a full-time undergraduate private college education.

Limitations and Disclaimers

There are some limitations to this program. In essence, the guidelines are listed on Viielentra’s Home Page