Tuition Rewards Savings: How Much Money Was Saved on College Tuition

Tuition Rewards Savings In 2021

In 2021, roughly $97.8 million worth of tuition rewards points were submitted to member colleges.  That’s nearly a hundred million dollars’ worth of discounts off the cost of college tuition.  As a result, the tuition reward savings helped many families reduce the cost of college tuition.

Understanding that the cost of college tuition has been rising every year.  The Sage Scholarship tuition rewards savings program has been one of the biggest kept secrets in America.

Luckily for you, you are one of the few lucky ones who is aware of this program so now you can use it to your advantage and help your child make private college much more affordable.

Also in 2021, there were a total of 25 new colleges that were added into the Sage Scholarship program.  As a result, students had 25 more option when it came to selecting a college to attend. 

In the past two years alone, we have been seeing 1-2 new colleges join on a monthly basis.  This gave students more options, variety, and an abundance of majors to choose from for their career paths.

What makes this scholarship special is the choices and variety.  Other scholarship tie a students choices down to only a few colleges.  The list of participating colleges in the Sage Scholarship program has now grown to over 440+ colleges.

The best part is it is a guaranteed scholarship without all the painful requirements that other scholarships require.

Most other Scholarship on the market

  • Submit an essay for a “chance to win”

The problem here is there is only a few scholarships handed out.  Students are basically competing with millions of other students chasing after the same scholarship.

The Result- A 98% chance students receive a rejection letter saying your essay did not make the cut.

  • High GPA and High-Test Scores

The problem with this type of scholarship is not everyone is a straight A student.  This essentially disqualifies them from even participating in applying for the scholarship. Giving them no chance at all.

  • Athletic Scholarship

Let’s face it, in a country that runs on dunkin’ and fast food, most Americans aren’t in the best shape.   Being an athlete, forget about it .  So, if your student is not an athlete and doesn’t bring in first place trophies every Friday night, chance are this is not the scholarship they are eligible for.

  • Need Special Requirements

This is a fun one. It’s giving me flashbacks of why I never won any scholarships in high school.  Needing to do community service and volunteer work would be one of the requirements.  When I was in high school all I did was hang out with my friends and play sports. I imagine community service and volunteer work is probably not on most student’s list of things they look forward to doing after 8 hours of school.

  • Letter of Recommendations (My favorite)

This is where applying for a scholarship requires you get one or two letters of recommendations from a few of your past teachers. I remember clearly, I was a C student the only class I ever got A’s in was math.  But when I would have to get two letters of recommendations, the math teacher was more than happy to give me one. Whereas my English teacher raised an eyebrow. She would ultimately give me a recommendation but I would receive it in a way where it felt like a walk of shame..

But that was me. Hopefully you are a lot smarter than I was.  So you don’t have to go through that walk of shame.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is when it comes to most scholarships on the market, there is so much work that needs to be done. Students need to do a lot just to get a chance or an opportunity to win a scholarship.  Ultimately, it’s a demoralizing sequence of events and the student often just quits and stop fighting for it.

The Sage Scholarship Tuition Rewards Savings Program is built completely different. Families receive and lock in a guaranteed scholarship once they purchase their life insurance through Viielentra. Not only is the scholarship guaranteed, but it grows in the value of tuition reward points every single year. At which point, all your student needs to do is just redeem the points.  This avoids all the challenges most juniors and seniors face in their high school year.

The last thing you want is to see a student putting in all the work to “compete” for a scholarship and have disappointing result. I would much rather have my child be a part of the 2021 tuition rewards statistic.  Close to a hundred million dollars were saved through the tuition rewards program.

To learn more about how the Sage Scholarship Tuition Rewards program works, visit Viielentra’s Home Page and get a complete detailed breakdown on what to expect and how families are now saving and planning for their child’s college education. There are hundreds of colleges where this scholarship can be used.  It’s one of the best opportunities for families looking for affordable private higher education.