Viielentra Vs The Competition

Viielentra Vs “Those Other Guys”

There are many term life insurance companies out there, but not all of them are created equally. Viielentra is the leading provider of term life insurance, and they have a number of advantages over their competitors.

For one, they offer a highly competitive rate that is tough to beat. They also have a very strong financial rating, meaning that you can be confident your policy will be paid out if something happens to you. In addition, they offer a wide range of coverage options, so you can tailor your policy to meet your specific needs.

Viielentra is also the leading digital source for instant online life insurance. No blood work, no medical exams, and the process takes 8 minutes to get approved.  That mean no more having to talk to agents on the phone for an hour. In addition no more having to make in person appointments with pressure sales agents.

And the biggest advantage Viielentra has over its competition is it is a company that was built to give back value to its customers in a way other insurance companies can not do. We’re referring to their free scholarship program that is offered as a complimentary gift to all families. 

What Makes Viielentra Better

College planning and savings is something that causes most new parents to scratch their heads on where to start. Considering the rise is college tuition, what options are out there for parents? 

Viielentra has a solution that can get families started on the right path.  This solution is absolutely free and has no hidden cost or fees.

Through the free scholarship program, families can now earn tuition reward points annually. Tuition reward points can then be redeemed for a discount on college tuition for their children. The scholarship maxes out at $62,720 as of the writing of this article.  With inflation running rampant, statistically speaking you can place a safe bet that the cost of college will rise. In transition, this will cause the size of the free scholarship to rise in value. The maximum size of the free scholarship is dependent on one years worth of tuition.

In Conclusion

So, while ALL life insurance companies provide something very generic which is a death benefit for the family.  Viielentra has a leg up on their competition. Their free college savings plan that saves families thousands of dollars on the cost of college tuition.  It’s a free benefit that can be used at over 440+ participating private colleges and universities.

Until other life insurance companies can come up with providing real value to their customers outside of being just a quote, the choice is very clear here.

Viielentra is the unanimous winner here. There is no competition.

Viielentra is a life insurance company that helps protect your kids and loved ones. They also help families with making the cost of private higher education tuition more affordable.

Learn More

For the complete breakdown and explainer video on how the free scholarship program works CLICK HERE and you can learn how to start receiving tuition rewards for your child’s future.