Why Is Everyone Switching Their Life Insurance Coverage To Viielentra? THE TRUTH!

Why The Switch

Not all products and services we buy or get setup with are the same. Some have extra features and opportunities while others have hidden fees and penalties. Viielentra is one of those special services and products that has amazing opportunities.

While it’s commonly understood that the purpose of life insurance is for the protection of your families and loved ones.  There are other benefits you can take advantage of that are absolutely free.

For example, someone is getting two job offers from two different companies as a nurse. Both the job offers pay the same exact hourly wage and are lucrative.

The first offer gives you paid vacations, paid holidays, and sick days.  Whereas the second job offer doesn’t even mention any benefits.  The second job also doesn’t give you paid holidays or vacations.

If the cost is similar and the hourly pay is almost the same, which offer would you choose?  The one with the perks and benefits. In essence, you are smart and deserve the most for your hard work and efforts at work!

The difference

With Life Insurance, most companies will give you a general quote.  But that’s it.

There’s no sizzle!  There’s no customer appreciation or customer loyalty features. It just a boring quote that looks the same as the last boring quote. I can find hundreds of these quotes online.

At Viielentra, the sizzle is undeniable and not something to ignore.  Customers families are prioritized and valued with their needs.

So, every customer who gets a life insurance policy with Viielentra is immediately enrolled into a free tuition rewards scholarship program.

Free Scholarship

The scholarship is worth over $60,000 in tuition assistance.  This scholarship is called the Sage scholarship. This scholarship helps families with college savings and planning.  It’s a program that’s given to families absolutely free and builds tuition reward points as time goes by.

Once the family’s child is ready for college, they can submit the tuition reward points at over 440+ participating colleges across the country.  As a result, families receive a discount on the cost of tuition.

Taking into consideration the amount of student loan debt in America.  This free scholarship is a solution for families to make student debt more manageable.

And this is what makes Viielentra different. Majority of families have opted to explore this as their go to option for life insurance coverage.

Viielentra is a life insurance company that protects your kids with life insurance and helps you as a parent with college planning.

To learn more about how the Scholarship program works visit www.viielentra.com